Programmable PSA Tape Precision Slicer
Automatic Tape Roll Cutter

The Challenge

A supplier of pressure sensitive tape had a requirement for a system to slice widths of tape from a master 48 inch "log" to meet their customers' specific requirements. The system required flexibility and rapid changeover. In a typical day, up to 50 orders were processed from different types of tape logs. The supplier provided rolls in quantities from 1 to 500.

The Solution

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a fully automatic computer controlled tape slicer. Logs of up to 4' in length and diameters up to 8" were installed on the systems expanding mandrel. The operator would jog the head carriage to make the first cut. The operator would then enter the cut width and number of cuts and press the start button. As each roll is sliced, a separator directs the sliced roll to a receiving point at the end of the mandrel.