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Champion 3700
Digital Dispensing Benchtop System



- Independently Controlled Multiple Dispense Heads
- Leveling Support Plates
- Mechanical and Vacuum
- Complete Selection of Standard and Special Tips
- Automatic Needle Calibrator
- Syringe Low Level Sensor

Automatic Alignment
- Fiducial Alignment
- Height Mapping
- Programmable Lighting
- Skew Correction
- Stretch Correction
- High Magnification Vision System
- Dot Verification
- Non-contact High-speed Laser Height Sensor
- Contact 1 gram Mechanical Height Sensor

Pumps and Valves
- Piston Positive Displacement Pump
- Low Viscosity Positive Displacement Pump
- Diaphragm Valve
- Very High Viscosity Spool Valve
- Rotary Screw Valve
- Syringe Dispenser