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Champion 3700
Digital Dispensing Benchtop System

Champion 3700 Digital Dispensing System

is a standalone automated fluid dispensing system for application of adhesives, solder pastes, sealants, lubricants, and other similar materials. The highperformance servo driven motion system makes the Champion 3700 the ideal choice in a wide range of manufacturing processes in many industries.

Fast, accurate, and flexible, the system can dispense from watery to high viscosity materials using the most comprehensive choice of pumps and valves available in the market. This includes Creative Automation.s patented True Volume. positive displacement piston pump.

With many advanced features, the system delivers exceptional performance, including high speed not typically found in a bench-top system.


Powerful, easy-to-use proprietary software. The color graphics user interface allows intuitive programming and control. Keyboard or trackball operated.

30,000 dph
Servo Motor

Large work area. The 18" by 18" work area easily accommodates large parts or pallets. Precision rail and tooling ensure their precise positioning.

Versatility. From dots to lines, underfill, and encapsulation, Digital Dispensing and the CHAMPION 3700 deliver the accuracy and repeatability demanded by today.s exacting applications.

Options Camera and vision. A closed circuit camera with picture-in-picture display on the monitor, for easy programming and inspection. The Automatic Vision Correction System establishes the X, Y, and Ø orientation of the part and compensates for stretch, skew and misalignment.

Height Sensing. Both contact probe and non-contact laser are available for height sensing and height mapping.

Work/Storage Table. A custom designed work table provides also ample storage space for parts and materials

Standard Features

• 3-axis brushless servo motor drive
• Precision anti-backlash ball screw drive on all axis
• High speed conveyor
• Powerful, easy-to-use Windows-style software
• LCD display
• Rugged construction and quiet operation
• Small footprint
• SMEMA compatibility and CE certification
• Full 1-year warranty

Optional Features

• Vision system with camera image on the LCD display
• Auto vision alignment and dot verification
• Programmable lighting
• Auto height mapping
• CAD download with path optimization
• True Volume™ pump dots to 1 nanoliter (0.001 µl)
• Large choice of pumps and valves
• Independently controlled multiple dispense heads
• Contact or non-contact (Laser) height sensors
• Leveling support plates, mechanical and vacuum